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  • What Fees Should I Know About?
    Extra Persons Two guests are included in the quoted nightly rate. Each additional person of age 5 and up are charged at $20 per person, per night, for the duration of the booking. Children 4 yrs of age and under are free. Pets $20 - Per pet, per night. (Must be pre-approved during booking) *Not applicable to service animals Fee is still applicable if pet is kept outdoors Extra Cleaning Assessed at check-out, please refer to "Check-out Checklist" FAQ Horse Boarding $5 - Per horse, per night *Coggins Required
  • Alcohol Notice - Dry County
    Newton County is a dry county. This means that the nearest liquor store is approximately 45 minutes away, heading north towards Harrison, AR Google maps - WOW LIQUOR - 42 minutes - 27 Miles
  • Bring Along Items - Not Included
    Firewood and lighter fluid Flashlights Laundry detergent (applicable to the Dogwood cabin only) Bug spray and sun screen Fishing pole and bait First aid items
  • Pets & Emotional Support Animals
    Pets are welcome - (Must be pre-approved during booking) All pets incur a pet fee, including emotional support animals, equal to $20 per pet, per night, for the duration of the stay. *Only service animals are exempt of this fee Each cabin includes furniture coverings/linen to be placed on seating areas (couches & loungers). They are labelled and must be used.
  • Early Check-in & Late Check-out
    Cabin demand is often high, so expect that another group may be checking-out on your arrival day, or checking-in on your departure day. To thoroughly clean, reset and sanitize each cabin, please abide by the posted check-in and check-out times. We are unable to confirm the availability of early check-in or late check-out in advance All unapproved stays exceeding the posted check-out time will be charged a fee up to one additional night charge.
  • Visitors & Guests
    Any person not included in the booking process shall be considered a visitor. All visitors must be pre-approved and may incur an additional person fee.
  • Firearms
    Please follow the state of Arkansas and Newton County firearm laws and regulations Safely secure firearms at all times Firearms may not be discharged on property
  • Hunting and Fishing
    Hunting is not permitted on property. Fishing (catch and release) is available on property. 3 ponds within walking distance. Catch bass, crappie, and brim. Bring your own pole and bait For local wildlife game, hunting & fishing, please visit the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - Link
  • Parties & Celebrations
    The cabins are a great place to spend the holidays and celebrate occasions. If you plan on hosting any guests or visitors, please have them pre-approved in advance to avoid extra person fees or evictions. Partiesare prohibited and may lead to early termination of your vacation rental without prior notice or refund
  • Critters and Wildlife
    Our cabins are surrounded by nature, which is probably one of the main reasons you are planning your future trip with us. Each cabin is carefully cleaned prior to your arrival but expect the possibility of critters traveling about the exterior of the cabins and surrounding areas. At times insects may be found indoors Please do not feed any animals or wildlife spotted on property Do not leave food unattended outdoors (including unsecured trash bins and coolers). Please do not dispose of food items around the exterior of the property, as they can attract wildlife and pose a potential safety risk Grills must be reasonably cleaned after each use to prevent the same Noise It may be the wind in the trees or wildlife passersby. Although our cabins are quiet and built to keep noises out, you may still occasionally hear the nature around you. For questions or concerns, please do not hesitate CONTACT US
  • Fireworks
    Fireworks are prohibited
  • Check-out Checklist
    Please sign our guest book, we would love to hear about your trip. Avoid extra cleaning fess Place used towels inside the bathroom tub Leave beds unmade with linen on the bed (it is not necessary to strip the bed) Used kitchen appliances should be reasonably cleaned Dirty dishes must be washed We hope you come back soon
  • Wi-Fi
    Complimentary internet is included in each cabin. Due to DSL limitations in our area, expect limited video streaming quality and slow speeds if multiple devices are being used simultaneously. VPN is supported but not guaranteed. The Wi-Fi password is indicated on your in-cabin info sheet.
  • Emergencies  & Safety
    For medical or life threatening emergencies please dial 911 (landline phones are available in each cabin) Once safe and reasonably able to do so, please call us at 870-428-5334 Ensure firepits are extinguished when unattended Ensure propane is turned off after grill use Each cabin is equipped with a carbon monoxide and smoke alarm, as well as a fire extinguisher
  • Groceries & General Store
    Dollar General - Near Jasper, AR - 25 minutes - 15 miles Harps Food - Near Jasper, AR - 26 minutes - 16 miles Walmart Supercenter - Near Harrison, AR - 1 hour - 38 miles
  • Etiquette and Cabin Life
    In an effort to continue to provide a great experience for our guests, we humbly ask. Remove shoes when entering the cabin (this is a good reminder to bring indoor slippers) Please do not drag furniture across the floor Return furniture to original spot before departure Please do not re-program smart TV's, reset internet routers, etc (call for assistance) It's useful to bring a small trashbag with you when about our trails Do not flush objects down toilets other than toilet paper. (this includes feminine products) Once cooled to room temperature, cooking oils/grease must be dispensed in a used plastic bottle and placed in the trash. Do not pour down drains or toss in the woods Keep windows and doors closed to prevent bugs from entering and to maintain indoor temperature Clean up any puddles or standing liquid inside the cabin immediately At capacity, hot water may take time to catch up if multiple guests shower around the same time Guests with pets - Each cabin includes furniture coverings/linen to be placed on seating areas (couches & loungers). They are labelled and must be used.
  • Privacy
    Privacy is all but a given at our cabins. With that said, here are some notes when staying with us Please continue to secure your cabin when exiting the property (door lock codes will be provided during pre-arrival) Cabin owners reserve the right to visit the cabin at any time, unannounced. This is not meant to be intrusive. We would love to meet you at some point during your stay, and to ensure everything is up to expectations Each cabin is equipped with one external camera. This camera is only meant to confirm arrival and departure of our guests and is not used for security monitoring. (Rest assured, indoor cameras are prohibited in vacation rentals) Although our cabins are often not visible to one another, it is possible that you may encounter other guests while on property. (should a concern arise, please report it immediately)
  • Seasonal
    We have seasons! Our amazing scenery changes from winter to spring. Here are some seasonal things to remember. Winter (Cold Climate) Freezing temperatures, means freezing pipes. The AC system is set to maintain temperatures above freezing indoors, even during ECO mode. Please be mindful that temperatures will vary inside the cabin between floors (cold descends and heat rises). Please keep doors and windows closed to maintain temperature Snow and ice can become slippery, beware Do not walk on frozen bodies of water, they may be fragile and unsafe Properly dress for the cold weather, especially when hiking Summer (Warm Climate) Hot summers mean the AC may take a while to catch up. The AC system is set to maintain temperatures even during ECO mode. Please be patient. Be mindful that temperatures will vary inside the cabin between floors (cold descends and heat rises). Please keep doors and windows closed to maintain temperature Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration Remember to use sun screen Bugs are out. Remember to apply bug repellent

Frequently Asked Questions

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